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Avail Guide

· 3 min read

Avail is one of the remarkable initiatives that focus on harnessing the power of blockchain to improve data availability.

As the official announcement from Avail about the incentive testnet rounds call : “Clash of Nodes” with many tasks for validators, users.

VNBnode brings the valued information about the incentive testnet to communities as part of our sharing. For the original information about Clash of Nodes incentivized testnet you can visit link here.

At the moment some challenges of testnet have been completed, but it’s more and more to come. VNBnode will focus on the ongoing challenges and up-coming challenges only.

  1. Gladiator's Entry: The mission of this challenge is you must run a full node or validator node or light node and applying the form.

    For the guides of running full node; validator node or light node: You can refer to our VNBnode guides or the guides pinned on Avail discord channel.

    • Once you finished the installation of nodes, you can check your node name on telemetry.

    • And the most important, do not forget to apply for the form (currently, Only light node form is applicable. Form for validator was closed).

  2. Noble Warrior: The mission of the challenge is you must maintain your node online 24/7. Each time of offline, your earned points shall be slashed -100 points. This is hurt experience for some offline validators.

  3. Attacking the Treasury: This task is mainly for the developers or testers who can find the bugs during the testnet and send the report to core team to get rewards.

  4. Magic Nomination Pools: This task can be joined by anyone, who has Avail wallet with minimum of > 10 AVL tokens.

    Click to Network, then select Staking tab.

    Select Pools

    You can select Add Pool to create your own pool or you can select Join Pool to join the pools created by others.

    The tokens in each pools will be nominated to active validators to get rewards.

  5. To The Stake: This challenge is for validators and also users or pools’ owners. To maximize their nominators and staking. The more nominations a validator get, the more points he will get and of course more rewards as the result.

    To see the new dashboards of validators and users, you can visit here:

    Avail new dashboard

    Sign in with your valid wallet (registered and faucet on discord).

    Try to explore the functions on new dashboard (Pools, Nominate, Payouts and Validators).

  6. To participate more efficiency with the task of staking:

    We would like to introduce to communities the list of validators address from VNBnode’s communities and some of our friends, thank to support us.

    Adam | VNBnodes: Promised to share the rewards to communities who supports my validator.

    John: Admin of VNBnode

Wallet: 5FuxkUZjsyhYiAFqWxqUpAajSkFpxb33WKrKCKHXqup51DVr

CJ: Member of VNBnode

Wallet: 5HT1MsTuVR3VXPVjvUMgrkwAfddEkYsc5Jy1qt1gJJ27ah1h

XXXIGM: Member of VNBnode

DISZELL2008: Member of VNBnode

DINHCONGTAC221: Mod of Avail

LUCKY RESEARCH: Mr.Lee, our VNBnode’s friend

MewCrypto: 5HeF5TmM72YnZbiUjXjnvp6wfk4c6tUcRHbaGwqpQG5CpGbY

TYTY: 5EJEtQX1seRAz2ZhbCuWdgTMYmNPz68MHcuwDk2upv1oMLoT

Van Trong: 5EcH59v2UQPgWiarsZdNSsUz7ex5EEtHvA6p931zijNJqwwo

More challenges to come: Stay turn to see the update.


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